StRategic PLan and Annual Reports

Strategic Plan

Objective 1: Foster a culture of care.

Objective 2: Create an environment for personal and professional growth for all members of our community.

Objective 3: Ensure a sense of belonging and connection.

Objective 4: Support community engagement strategies that have demonstrable impact on the health and wellbeing of our community.

Objective 5: Encourage holistic health and wellness.

Objective 1: Provide support for departments and school to implement inclusive excellence of EDI best practices.

Objective 2: Evaluate regularly and advance processes for inclusive excellence.

Objective 3: Promote equitable leadership, professional growth, and mentoring opportunities.

Objective 4: Engage in
opportunities with our
community and partners in the areas of inclusive excellence.

Objective 5: Recruit and retain students, staff, and faculty who provide diverse perspectives, expertise, and experiences.

Objective 5: Encourage holistic health and wellness.

Objective 1: Implement integrative best practices to improve support systems for students to thrive.

Objective 2: Maintain relationships after graduation to strengthen ongoing engagement.

Objective 3: Integrate metrics for goal setting, decision making, and evaluation to support student success.

Objective 4: Facilitate student progress with a focus on identifying and reducing barriers for diverse populations to progress in a timely manner.

Objective 5: Continue commitment to involve students in community engagement.

Objective 1: Implement work efficiencies to maximize success.

Objective 2: Establish processes to recognize staff and faculty excellence.

Objective 3: Encourage and support excellence in innovation and research.

Objective 4: Equip staff and faculty with instruction best practices that facilitate student learning.

Objective 5: Strengthen infrastructure to encourage and support interdisciplinary and community engagement.

Objective 1: Ensure our distinctiveness aligns with our academic programs and societal needs.

Objective 2: Showcase our distinctiveness through internal and external communications.

Objective 3: Promote our culture of care, inclusion, and diversity both within and outside our university.

Objective 4: Recognize the success and excellence of our students, graduates, staff, and faculty.