Interdisciplinary courses


Interdisciplinary activities, an important element of the Strategic Plan of the School of Health and Human Sciences (HHS), is intended for students who wish to enrich their education and training with more interdisciplinary and interdepartmental courses and programs. Interdisciplinary courses provide students with experience that focus on diverse disciplines and perspectives.

is an approach to teaching and learning used widely in many health and human sciences professions. It brings together students from two or more professions to learn about, from, and with each other in service of enabling effective collaboration. Its goal is to improve health outcomes through the education of a collaborative practice-ready workforce that is prepared to respond to local health needs. (WHO, 2010).

Interdisciplinary endeavors, including interprofessional education, go beyond offering courses. Activities may include seminars and workshops, grand rounds and internships/practica.

Interdisciplinary activities are in conjunction with the HHS Chairs Council and the HHS Curriculum Committee. The board outlines the process for course approval, and initiates policy changes.

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